Real brain power on display. Tanhks for that answer!

Descripción Sitio de la CTA Lomas para alojar la información institucional de la Central. Aloja asimismo las paginas de las Secretarías, Departamentos y Federaciones, algunas de ellas con accesos directos.

This anti-water how can we bottle it? I rmeeebmr a popular cola brand trying to sell tap water, they just ran a hose from the main domestic supply and slapped a price on it, I think they are now scamming with polar bear extinctions these days.If my logic is sound we could be selling empty plastic bottles to for 100% mark up in no time and if we use a (dangerous) cuddly animal on the label we can charge extra or even get a huge tax break. Every one who buys our bottles of anti-water will want to recycle the plastic bottles, it's a winner. >>> anti-water LMAO


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