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This is a MediaWiki Extension
[[Image:{{#ifeq: |unstable|Crystal Clear app error.png|Crystal Clear action run.png}}|left|40px]] Infoboxeguia

Release status: {{#switch: {{{status}}}|unstable|experimental|beta|stable={{{status}}}|unknown}}

Description: {{{description}}}


This template should be added to the main page of all extensions documented on this wiki (and only the main page). It will add a useful infobox using the information supplied (see below) and will automatically add the extension to Category:Extensions.


name name of the extension
status current release status

One of:

  • unstable (broken - do not use this extension)
  • experimental (early stages of development, may change drastically.)
  • beta (stable but not fully tested)
  • stable (stable version)
  • unknown (default)
type type of extension

Can contain any value, but the following special values ensure proper categorisation:

  • pfunc - Parser Function
  • parser - Parser Extension (new tag)
  • parser,pfunc - available as Parser Function AND as Parser Extension
  • hook - Hook Extension (using $wgHooks)
  • special - Special Page
  • interface - User interface extension (e.g. javascript code).

Please add to this list if necessary.

author author of the extension
image screenshot (of base 270px)
version last version
update date of the last update
mediawiki required version of MediaWiki
download link to the download : SVN or other
readme link to the readme file : README or other
changelog link to the changelog file : CHANGELOG or other
description short description
parameters available parameters for LocalSettings.php
rights rights added by the extension
example example, website or screenshot of working extension
|name      = 
|status    =
|type      =
|author    =
|image     =
|version   =
|update    =
|mediawiki =
|download  =
|readme    =
|changelog =
|description =
|rights    =
|example   =
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